Law School Humor

The law is a deadly serious business; law students should get used to having, in the words of Dean Wormer from Animal House, “NO MORE FUN OF ANY KIND!” On the other hand, laughing is,inter alia, good for the abdominal muscles and may be the only exercise a law student has time for.

These are articles I wrote in and/or about law school. Some of them appeared in Lewis & Clark Law School’s Student Bar Association publication, Letter of the Law. They were available in dead-tree format only (recycled, I expect, since L&C is #1 nationally in environmental law) and they often ran out of copies before I could even get one. However, if you’re on campus and can find a parking space, the library with the award-winning architecture has back copies. LOTL is a compilation, so I still have the underlying copyrights in what I wrote because I didn’t sign anything to the contrary, but I asked, and got permission, to republsh them here anyway.

The files below are parody, satire, and other assorted goofiness for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. I don’t certify that any of it is true. In fact, as to the Onion-style fake news stories, I certify that most or all of the material is FALSE (at least as of when it was written – for instance, I wouldn’t put it past the California legislature to outlaw French fries someday).

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