“Frivolous” Files

We lawyers can be sanctioned for filing “frivolous” legal proceedings. Under the law, “frivolous” means that, when the proceeding is filed, both the lawyer and the client know that it is unjustified by current law and could not be justified by any plausible argument for a change in the law. Note that the definition has NOTHING TO DO with whether or not a large number of non-lawyers think the proceeding is stupid.

In everyday conversation, “frivolous” means “not serious in content, attitude, or behavior.” There may be some who think this whole site is frivolous because of my occasional flamboyance or irreverence. They should probably TURN BACK NOW, because the files in this section are REALLY frivolous.

There is satire and parody writing, in which NONE of the content may be true. There are pictures of my crafts and other fun pursuits that some people would call frivolous because they don’t bring in any money. If you’re not the kind of person who is deeply disturbed by the notion that somebody, somewhere, may be having a good time, click on. . .

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