My Policies

 I try to write in a somewhat organized manner, and collect and check a bunch of facts for most posts.  I try to put in a lot of links to show where I got my information, and spend time looking for the best link for each reference (most authoritative source, full text without a subscription if possible, etc).  At least some of my readers will be lawyers who will discredit everything I’ve ever said in my life if they catch me citing even once to W—–dia, so that easy way out is closed to me.  I also strive to check my spelling (as a former spelling-bee champ, I’d better!), punctuation, and grammar, but remember it’s always murder to proofread one’s own work, especially work one has just finished.

All of this means most of my really meaty posts take a while to write.  It probably isn’t the way to get fantastic stats in today’s competitive blogosphere, but so be it.  I could post every half-hour about what my pets just did and how I feel about it, but would you want to read that?

I moderate comments for a lot of reasons, but this is #1: 

I hate spam
Spam I hate
Who on earth thinks spam’s so great?
(Here I don’t mean SPAM (TM)
But “junk” sales posts and e-mails.  Them).
I do not want to buy your stock,
I do not want to see your … smock,
I don’t need fake prescription pills,
I don’t believe you’ll pay my bills,
I doubt you really are a prince,
I’m not that easy to convince.
I haven’t won the lottery;
I never bought a ticket, see?
There’s nothing that I want enlarged,
I do not want my bank card charged,
And if your product is so fine,
Then why disguise your subject line?

(Even though this is clearly a parody, I make any necessary apologies to the estate of Theodore Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss).

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