About the Site

    “Bootlegacy” is a coined word that contains:

  • “Boot” – to start a computer,
  • “Bootleg” – to make or sell without authorization, and.
  • “Legacy” – what we leave to posterity.
    So: I am starting, on a computer, a discussion of:

  • The individual creations and shared traditions we leave to posterity, and
  • The laws that, among other things, forbid its unauthorized copying and sale.
    But where it really gets interesting – where the rubber really meets the road – is:

  • How does this kind of law affect individuals and communities?
  • What opportunities do they have to affect it right back?
  • Ultimately, what do laws say about the cultures that produce them?

Further Explanations:

When I invited my dad to take a look at the site, he had several kind things to say about it, including “I hope it does
for you whatever it is you want it to do.”


That got me thinking – maybe other people wonder what exactly I’m up to as well. Yes, this does things “for me” now: gives me a springboard to research and write about the areas of law that most interest me, helps me stay excited about the law, satiafies my variety cravings so I need less variety in a “day job,” facilitates my meeting others with interlocking interests, gives me an excuse to ask just-about-anyone just-about-anything (being in radio news was good for that too). And, of course, it allows me to say “I have a Website” and do Dana Carvey’s Church Lady Superiority Dance.

I wouldn’t complain if the site eventually attracted employers or clients, built my reputation, and led to a satisfying practice. Complain? – Heck, I’d crack open the bubbly (first making sure that, if labeled “Champagne,” it came from the Champagne region of France) and dance around the house (to duly-licensed music). But it’s not intended mainly as an ad for me, anymore than a published law-review article would be.

My big aspiration is to have this site do something for other people – raise awareness of, and interest in, intellectual and cultural property among thoughtful souls who may or may not have legal backgrounds. I’m trying to find a balance point between enough legal detail for lawyers to chew on and enough explanation to put non-lawyers in the picture with me. In short “whatever it is I hope it does” is to inform YOU in a palatably entertaining way.