One thought on “Should Living Human Beings Ever Be Cultural Property?

  1. Hi,

    I’m a 1L at Lewis & Clark Law School and also fluent in German. This is a great article — thanks for the summary, and the debunking of the anti-social-multiculturalism.

    I pulled up the German statute you linked to. It’s apparently the equivalent of a slip law — the document itself contains several newly enacted laws that were decided at the same time, but have otherwise nothing to do with each other.

    The second one is the item of interest: “Gesetz zur Verbesserung…” Here’s a first pass at translation and some commentary. I’m going to take the quick route — translating at the lower word for word level, not so much idiom for idiom. Won’t be idiomatic English, but the meaning will be clear.

    Title: “Law for the Improvement of the civil protections against acts of violence, and transfer of possession of a house in time of divorce, and other updates.”

    Article 1 – Domestic Violence
    sec. 1 – Sets out the measures a court may take against the Defendant — your typical restraining order stuff. Can also be enforced for mere threats. Also enforceable if the D has been drinking, or similar.
    sec. 2 – The court can force a temporary transfer of possession of a shared domicile from the D to the P after there’s been violence.

    The other articles seem to simply be enumerating tiny insertions and deletions into some other existing code.

    Hope this helps!

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