Bless This Blog

A non-denominational, or inter-denominational, or maybe lowest-common-denominational Blogger’s Prayer.
I don’t presently get paid out of anyone’s taxes, so I can get away with this.


I go to the node where data paths meet
And link to a site about premium liquor.
I go to the base of the trunk line
And link to a site about fragrant herbs.
I cleanse this space with pure Zeros
And I charge it with definite Ones.
I thank my Creator for giving me
Thoughts about what I see,
Ideas about what I’d like to see,
The ability to express them,
A well-tuned hogwash detector,
And the ultimate weapon
Of laughter.
I ask my Guardians and Guides for
A reasonable lack of really hideous luck,
And discretion, discretion – I’m really serious here! – DISCRETION.
I learned at the metal edge of a nun’s ruler in fifth grade:
If you care who reads it, DON’T WRITE IT DOWN!
But I want to say things that might help, interest, or amuse people who are so far away
That not even I can yell that loud.
So, since I’ll probably offend somebody, somewhere, no matter what I say,
I guess. . . just keep me from doing it unintentionally.
Remind me, often,

  • that not everyone absolutely needs to know
    every half-baked reaction that enters my head, and
  • that the sting of a big, public, avoidable boo-boo lingers
    long after the honeyed taste of meeting a self-imposed deadline is gone, and
  • that everyone is entitled to an opinion, even if it makes no earthly sense, and
  • that in our rapidly shrinking world, the toes I step on today
    become more and more likely to be connected to the cheeks I’ll have to kiss tomorrow.

Help me interest and involve my readers,
Bring me commenters who will contribute seeds of growth (not just fertilizer),
Banish spam and malware to a really remote and unpleasant pit of the Underweb,
Lead me not into litigation,
And deliver me some e-mail,
Blessa, blessa, blessa.
OK, I’m done.

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