Reality checks bounce from the strangest places

Back when I was a kid (and the printing press was killing the illuminated-folio business) Cracked was one of magazines we read instead of doing our homework.  Now it appears that writers at do their homework and everybody else’s too. History vs. Hype – pretty thought-provoking read (although, be warned, there are cusswords). 8 … Continue reading

Don’t shoot me; I’m only the player piano

Why player pianos have a role to play – The Irish Times – Tue, Apr 24, 2012.  This article in the Irish Times talks about the work of American composer Conlon Nancarrow,* the centerpiece of a two-day-long concert event in London last weekend.  Nancarrow wrote about 50 studies for player piano.  Unlike some of the … Continue reading

Social-Media Slimers: You Can’t Make Me ‘Like’ You

“Been told 100K followers could get me a publisher. . . w/100k followers I could take over the WORLD!” -Radio storyteller Nora Maki (@hades-noramaki), Twitter, 12/22/2011 I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: If the Internet is going to make us all stars, we could probably use some celebrity rights to match. Even … Continue reading

The Mishmash Nation of Neverland – I kinda liked ’em

I can’t help but sympathize with the creators of Syfy’s Peter Pan prequel, “Neverland.”  Here’s this forward-looking bunch with an ethos of fairly and sympathetically portraying — not only HUMANS of all ancestries — but aliens and robots and ghosts and super-intelligent shades of blue as well.   And they’re forced to be simultaneously backward-compatible … Continue reading