There is no Migratory Blogs Protection Act – and it shows

Bootlegacy is changing hosts.  Some things couldn’t quite migrate correctly.  Don’t get me started.

Little by little, we’ll fix it though!  Thanks for your patience.

Bless This Blog

A non-denominational, or inter-denominational, or maybe lowest-common-denominational Blogger’s Prayer.
I don’t presently get paid out of anyone’s taxes, so I can get away with this.


We are experiencing technical atrocities; please stand by

Visitors, I apologize:  I really thought I’d be putting up more content by now, but I’m still banging my head against the process of setting up my structure and visuals.  Thud, thud, thud.  This is my first Website and I am not an HTML or PHP virtuosa (though maybe I will be before I’m done).  Thanks for your patience, and please do come back.


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